Open Journalism - Invitation to Participate


The Open Initiative supports communities and individuals in creating and participating in news, learning and communications.

Open Initiative web and media services are offered through new and existing web sites and other media. Some of these are place-based initiatives in the Louisville, KY USA, area. Others are situated elsewhere or are global.

We are writing to let you know about these developments, and to invite your participation and support.

Below is a brief description of some of these services and projects:

1. Community journalism tools for organizations and individuals to produce and combine stories, articles, alerts, and other information for web, cell phone, newsletter and broadcast in the community. One example is the Open News Network and Open

2. Community learning tools for networks of organizations and individuals to learn from each other by creating “learning communities” and shared “knowledge bases” about issues and opportunities for local/global sustainability in the workplace and community. For example, see the  resources being gathered and developed through the Sustainable Design/Media Synergy initiative.

3. Community action / research collaboration tools for individuals and organizations to collaborate in investigating problems and finding culturally creative, socially just and sustainable solutions. One example is the Stop Fake News project.

The Open Initiative is an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with development and community partners locally and globally who have been creating and using these tools.

1 comment:

bfreitas said...

Ok, this is interesting. I'm from Brazil and i'm setting up an initiative where i'll provide tools on the web for the people in the favelas to voice up their concerns, ask for help from the government e other social actions.
Could you think this kind of iniciative fits in one of these categories? How can we engage in bringing the open source journalism to the minorities of the world?
Congratulations to you for your blog. It's is inspiring.